About Us

Who Are We

Digllead was established in 2021 by two people who have been working with sales for several years .

Our Mission

With our knowledge about Sales and Telemarketing we started to create an idea how we could make a perfect company that really gives our future clients results, value and benefits. We rapidly came to a conclusion that we had the same way of thinking about how to create the perfect Tech Telemarketing company.

Why Choose Us?

Quality is a word we use often. But here, we mean quality and results are the main goals that we are giving back to our clients. Let us do our high-quality Telemarketing concept for you.

Our consultants have many years of experience in booking meetings in the technology industry. They also have a high level of competence in languages that makes it easier to create good leads for our clients.

We have good experience in lead generation. We always meet our client’s needs. Together we create a winning strategy and perfection in performance from our Tech team.

We keep our clients informed and allow them to feel comfortable throughout the project process. We have weekly reconciliation meetings where we share knowledge and information about project results. The most important part of our job is our relationship with our customers

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